Toxic Holocaust / Inepsy 'Split' LP

Pressing: 2000
July 2010
Colour:.1500 Black - 500 White

This hazardous record contains radioactive material from both bands playing cover songs of one another! A limited one time pressing of 2000, split release with Tank Crimes Records in Oakland, CA – USA. The idea for this record came on a drunken weekend in August 2008 while Toxic Holocaust and Inepsy were performing at Vancouver’s DISTORT FEST and Edmonton’s UNREST FEST. Joel Grind suggested a split with Inepsy, who thought it would be cool to hear the interpretation of one another. 500 come pressed on colored wax with a custom silkscreened DIE HARD slipcover and OBI strip with artwork by AWAY from Voivod!!

Hell On Earth
Toxic Destruktor

Bombshell Rocks
Conspiracy World War III

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