Tarantuja 'Do Not Resuscitate' LP

Pressing: 1000
March 2010
Colour:.800 Black - 200 Clear w/ Black & White Splatter


This ten song tsunami will drown you in a tidal wave of face-melting guitars, ripping drums and dual screamed vocals!! They have a strong 80’s crossover sound heavily influenced by such bands as The Accused, Cro-Mags and Suicidal Tendancies. Do Not Resuscitate is the debut Tarantuja (tear-into-ya) release!! Cover art and logo were kill-us-trated by the King of Splatter himself, Tommy Niemeyer (Accused)!! An absolute thrash-ter-piece!! 200 pieces were pressed on splatter wax in a limited tour edition jacket!!

Side A
Falling Down
Burning The Bridges
Psycho Ward
Nothing At All

Side B
Constant Reminder
Hangman's Noose

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