Streetwalker 'Revelling In The Din Of Humanity' LP

Pressing: 500
Novemeber 2010
Colour:.500 Black

STREETWALKER from Seattle was started in early 2009. What began as a three piece with a 5-song demo (packaged for tour promotion), subsequently culminated into a skull crushing foursome and a plethora of new songs, resulting in this 14 blast full-length!! With 80+ gigs (in less than two years!!) and no signs of letting up, they play a fast, technical, heavy style of grinding hardcore fronted with brutal male / female vocals!! Backboned on the kit by Joe Rizzi (Dissension / Shitlist / Deformed Conscience / Hail of Rage etc.), you can rest assure Streetwalker is sure to trigger an earthquake near you!!

Side A
Scrawlings of a Whore
We Can't Win
Inside The Shell

Riddance (Hail Of Rage)

Side B
Granite Pusher
The Power of Anesthesia
My Cold Dead Hand
Keep Your Eyes Open
Learn To Crawl

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