Wolfbrigade - 'Prey to the World' LP

Disrupt - 'Self Titled' LP
Red Sands

Self Rule / Iskra - Split 7"
Iskra - Rape

Homewrekers 'Waiting for the End' LP
Waiting for the End

Anatomi - 71- 'Mot Nya Höjder' LP

Assassination / Twisted System - Split 7"
Twisted System - Untitled
Assassination - När Allt Går Åt Helvete

Nasum 'Grind Finale' 4xLP
Låt Inte Asen Styra Ditt Liv
Dis Sucks

Inhaste 'The Wreckage' CD/LP
Easy Come Easy Go

Guided Cradle 'S/T' LP
Riding the Witches Billygoat

Poser Disposer 'Waiting to Inhale' CD/LP

The Accused 'Oh Martha' LP
Martha Will

Massgrave S/T LP
Painful Existence

Deformed Conscience 'Hagen Days' 2xLP
The Cesspool

Golers 'South Mountain Style' CD/LP

Iskra 'The Terrorist Act' EP
Pig In Every Home

Consume 'Forked Tongue' (Re-issue) EP

Hail of Rage 'All Hail' (Discography) LP
Cleansed (Bastardised)

Golers 'Second Generation' CD/LP
New Age Fern Sniffers

Poser Disposer 'You Don't Count' EP

Whiz Kidz 'We Go Bananaz' EP
A Slice of Life

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