Massgrave / Poser Disposer - Split EP

December 2006
Colour: Weed Green

                               In their common struggle to stay stoned, these two bands have teamed up to collaborate
                               on this 'Victims of a Bong Raid' split EP. With their best recording to date, Poser Disposer
                               delivers three blows of pulverizing grindcore brutality, heavily influenced by NASUM and
                               ROTTEN SOUND. Massgrave also throws down four of their own blasting (bong) hits
                               which resemble the sound of ENT and DISRUPT. Pressed on weed green vinyl!

Side Grave
The Earth Can't Compete
Double Speak
Doomed Human Race  [ MP3 ]
Reap What They Have Sewn

Side Poser
Get High or Die Trying
Clear Your Mind  [ MP3 ]
Untamed Desire

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