Lautstürmer 'Depopulator' LP

Pressing: 1000
July 2010
Colour:.800 Black - 200 Clear w/ Blue, Yellow & White Splatter

Depopulator is the Lautstürmer (Loud Stormer) debut full length, released as collaboration with Power It Up in EU. A thirteen-track D-Beat earthquake, featuring members of Driller Killer that will make your teeth drop like flies as you scream for more!! They play a furious blend of hardcore punk (kängpunk), versus Rock n Roll in the vein of Anti Cimex and Motorhead. Solid pounding drums fuel a sound filled with tons of adrenaline, enhanced by fast riffing and pummeling bass, to a level where you will want nothing more than a Moshpit around your turntable!! Tight, dense, hefty and well-executed!!

Side A
Human Waste Erased
The Biggest Failure
Bow To No One
In The Line Of Fire
Let The Axe Fall
Coffin Shaker

Side B
Hold The Hellavator
The Originators
Time To Die
Nothing's Chaged
Back For Blood

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