Lautstürmer 'Depopulator' CD

Pressing: 1000

Depopulator is the Lautstürmer (Loud Stormer) debut full length, released as collaboration with Power It Up in EU. A thirteen-track D-Beat earthquake, featuring members of Driller Killer that will make your teeth drop like flies as you scream for more!! They play a furious blend of hardcore punk (kängpunk), versus Rock n Roll in the vein of Anti Cimex and Motorhead. Solid pounding drums fuel a sound filled with tons of adrenaline, enhanced by fast riffing and pummeling bass, to a level where you will want nothing more than a Moshpit around your turntable!! Tight, dense, hefty and well-executed!!

Human Waste Erased
The Biggest Failure
Bow To No One
In The Line Of Fire
Let The Axe Fall
Coffin Shaker

Hold The Hellavator
The Originators
Time To Die
Nothing's Chaged
Back For Blood

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