Hömewrekers - 'Waiting for the End' LP

Pressing: 500
December 2006
Colour: Blood Red

Look out you fucking punks! The HOMEWREKERS have come to destroy your favorite bar! These Canadian women play rough and tumble punk rock in a blitzkrieg frenzy! This accomplished street rock has fucking cast-iron ovaries that challenge you pencil-neck hipster males to come up front to the stage! The HOMEWREKERS pummel you with powerful deep vocals and ham-fisted guitar chops. Warning: This rock and roll is not for you pop-punk panty-waists. On side one, you get your brain thrashed by "Scumbags Never Die," "Wretched" and "Too Much To Pay." Side two starts with "Mental." This song illuminates some of the frailties of humans: "Trapped in a state of fear/ Stranded in your own mind/ Screaming out of deaf ears/ Won't someone comprehend the agony that plagues your head..." Good shit! The Waiting for the End LP will appeal to punks who are not afraid to bang their head! - (BR) Aug. 2007 MAXIMUMROCKNROLL

Side A
Bacon Panties
Scumbags Never Die
Wasted World
Lady Killer
Too Much to Pay

Side B
Hammered Truth
Waiting for the End [ MP3 ]
Better off Dead
Beer (SST)

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