Discharge - 'War is Hell' LP

Pressing: 3000
Released: March 2008
Colour: 1000 Black - 1000 1/2 Black 1/2 White
1000 Red


Originally released as the Discharge 'Tour Edition' CD (Throne Records), this material is now being pressed on vinyl and CD with bonus tracks. Tracks 1-13 are studio and live songs with Rat (Varukers) on vocals. Tracks 14, 15 were taken from the 'Beginning of the End' 7" (Thunk Records). Also included are four unreleased tracks from the their first 1978 demo, recorded prior to Cal joining them. Discharge went o n to become the pioneers of a 'Dis-beat' sound, numerous bands have been shaped by to this day!


Side A
War Is Hell
State Violence State Control
You Deserve Me
Never Again
The More I See
Hype Overload
Corpse of Decadence

Side B
You Take Part in Creating the System
Nightmare Continues
Hell on Earth
Realities of War

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