DFA 'Discography 2000-2004' CD

Pressing: 1000
March 2010

Early years collection, featuring twenty-nine tracks of ‘outta print’ thrash from their split EPs, both LPs, plus unreleased material!! This is an in your face sonic assault of devastating crossover thrash in the vein of DRI + Municipal Waste. Thrash metal guitars at full throttle acceleration and brutal vocals hell bent on blood, combine for an avalanche of bone-crushing remorseless hardcore!! The CD comes packaged in a slick, embossed O-Card for an added boot to the head!!

Destined For Assimilation
With A Straight Face
Our Lord And Saviour

Your Form Of Unity
Under The Influence
I Know Everything
Defy False Authority
No Fight To Lose
Your Song
That's Gonna Leave A Mark
The Muse
Eat Shit
Fight Club
Wanna Play WIth Us?
Bad Breath

Colour Me Sadd
Advantage DFA
No Problem
Thank You
Hockey Hair
Could Be Worse
Punk Point
New Enemy For Life

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