Deformed Conscience - 'Hagen Days' (Discography) 2xLP

Pressing: 1000
Released: July 2007
Colour: 1000 - Blood Red

DEFORMED CONSCIENCE were a crust band that came out of Connecticut in the 90's. They were fast and brutal with manic dual vocals. This is a 2xLP collection of material from many of their releases including songs from the Split EP's with Scourge, 3-Way Cum and Terminal Disgust, 'No Excuse for Suffering' Demo Tape, 'S/T' EP, 'Constant Strife' EP, and miscellaneous compilation tracks. Members of this band went on to form such bands as State of Fear, React, Calloused, Hail of Rage, Shitlist, Inhaste and many others!

Side A
Defence Mechanisms
Kept Alive to Die
Slave to Convenience
Indian Givers
Constant Strife
How am I Free?
Our World

Side B
Deformed Conscience
Uphill Battle
Trust Your TV
At a Loss
Money or Kicks
Indian Givers
What's the Question?

Side C
Segregated Scene
Halo Effect
Apathetic Lazy Bastard
Trouble with Pigs
A General Statement
Twisted Values
Another Struggle
Nothings Changed
Apathetic Lazy Bastard

Side D
Closet Fascist
What is it Worth?
End the Pain
The Cesspool [ MP3 ]
Deep Ecology
Another Struggle
System of Chains
No Excuse for Suffering
Mr. Gloomy

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