Whiz Kidz - 'We Go Bananaz' EP

Pressing: 1000
Released: December 2006
500 Black and Banana Haze
500 Black and Banana Splatter

                               After years of anticipation this is the debut release from the Whiz Kidz. They are
                               a Wednesday Night Heroes side project playing fast 80's style hardcore with a very
                               clean production. Sure to put you in the mood to go ape-shit and hang from the
                               rafters! Vinyl pressing is 500 Banana Yellow with Black Splatter and 500 Black
                               with Banana Yellow Splatter. Go Bananaz!!!

Side A
Gorilla Whiz Kidz
Time to Move
Whiz Kidz

Side B
What's Up?
Shoe Thief at the Sock Party
A Slice of Life [ MP3 ]

Whiz Kidz Turbo

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