Hail Of Rage - 'All Hail' (Discography) LP

Pressing: 1000
Released: February 2006
Colour:.800 Black - 200 Blood Red

Here is the vinyl version for the RSR Records release, Hail of Rage 'All Hail' Discography CD. It contains material from the 'Fucking Pissed' EP, Split EP w/ Riddance, 'Fucking Noise Terror' Comp. CD and some unreleased songs as well. The almighty Hail of Rage was spawn from the ashes of Dissension by Joe Rizzi (Deformed Conscience, Toxic Narcotic, Shitlist and Inhaste). They play pissed-off manic hardcore thrash along with a cacaphony of fierce vocals and skull-crushing blast beats. The album includes 23 tracks of sick brutality!!

Side A
Blind Trial
Act of Virility
Forcefed Habitat
Cleansed (Bastardised) [ MP3 ]
One of Them
Blank Effort (While the Timebomb Ticks)
The Feeling is Mutual

Side B
A Glance Ahead
Axis of Corruption
Amorality [ MP3 ]
Scourge (Unbound Prisons)
Fetal Position
Snap Judgement
Thinning Blood
Retrospect (Faded)

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