Accused 'The Return of Martha Splatterhead' LP (Subcore Cover)

Pressing: 1000
800 Black, 200 Solid Blue

Back on wax!! Here is the re-press of the first full-length masterpiece from the Kings of Splatter released in 1986 by SUBCORE. This legendary release has influenced many bands around the world because of its fiercely original style. Martha is back on black!! Includes nice clean packaging with original lyric sheet and collage. Limited colour vinyl is also available for Unrest mailorder only so act fast!! If it doesn't splatter it doesn't matter!!

Side A
Martha Splatterhead
Wrong Side of the Grave
Take my Time
Buried Alive
No Mercy
Slow Death

Side B
She’s the Killer
In a Death Bed
Lonely Place
Fuckin’ 4 Bux
Martha’s Revenge

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