The Accused - 'Oh Martha' LP

December 2006
Colour: 200 Teal Blue - 800 Black
Second Pressing: 1000
March 2008
Colour: 200 Teal Blue - 800 Black

                               This is a vinyl version licensed from the Condor Records 'Oh Martha!' CD release
                               in 2004. This triumphant record heralds The Return of the Splatter Rock Kings,
                               to their terrifyingly-sick ways. For the entire length of this Splatter-Drenched LP,
                               The ACCUSED prove the crown still fits. Founding member and guitarist, Tommy
                               Niemeyer says, "Oh Martha! is easily one of the top 2 albums we've done. It was
                               intentionally written with the knowledge that we raised the bar for ourselves over
                               10 years earlier. So I said, let's fucking kick this album's ass!..and we did.' Cover
                               art for this Unrest Records pressing was drawn by Tommy Niemeyer himself, in
                               pure Splatter Rock fashion! Martha Lives!!!

Side A
  Martha Will [ MP3 ]
Fueled by Hate
Fast Zombies Rule
Dying on the Vine
Hooker Fortified Pork Products
Life Kills On
National Embalming School
Filth Hounds Of Hades

Side B
Stay Dead
Scream and Die
Of the Body
13 Letters
Have You Ever Been Mellow?
Martha Splatterhead
Slow Death
Take My Time
Fuckin' for Bucks

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