Accused 'Nasty Cuts - Best of The Nasty Mix Years 1990-1993' LP

Pressing: 1000
December 2011
Colour:.800 Black - 200 Fresh Blood Red (Clear)

Fourteen blood-soaked songs selectively chosen from the "Grinning Like An Undertaker" LP, the "Straight Razor" 12" EP, and the "Splatter Rock" LP sessions. Exhumed from the graves of 1990-1993, this compilation of nail-pounding, metal-edged splatterrock will serve as a collection of works from the Nasty Mix era!! Artwork was kill-ustrated by the King of Splatter himself, Tommy murderous head-splitting fashion!! Limited colour wax available for Unrest mail order only!!

Side A
Pounding Nails (Into The Lid Of Your Coffin)
Bullet-Ridden Bodies
The Corpse Walks
Grinning (Like An Undertaker)
Cut and Dried
Dropping Like Flies
M is For Martha

Side B
When I Was A Child
The Night
Tapping The Vein
Blind Hate / Blind Rage
Stick In A Hole
She's Back
Brutality and Corruption

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