Accused 'More Fun Than An Open Casket Funeral' LP

Pressing: 1000
December 2011
Colour:.800 Black - 200 Bile Green w/ Black & White Splatter

REMASTERED recordings and back on black!! The Accused created a form of music called “Splatter-Rock” which was screaming, speeding punk/metal. Led by their knife-wielding, justice-avenging mascot, Martha Splatterhead, their lyrics range from politics to cartoon-like death and destruction. This classic has been out-of-press for aeons and now due to popular demand & affordability it has been repressed on vinyl!! Packaging includes a face lifted layout & printed inner sleeve. Limited colour wax is available for Unrest mail order only!!

Side A
Halo of Flies (A Deadly Blessing)
W.C.A.L.T (We Can All Live Together?)
Rape (Not a Love Song)
Life-less Zone
Devil Woman

Side B
Bethany Home (A Place to Die)
Mechanized Death (I Love to Drive)
Judgment Day
Take No Prisoners (No One Left Alive)
Splatter Rock

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