The Accused - 'The Archives Tapes' 2xLP

First Pressing:
December 2006
Colour: Black
Second Pressing: 1000
Repressed: May 2008
Colour: Black

                               A musical time machine documenting their rise to ambiguity, providing insight
                               on their influence and underground status as forefathers of early 80's 'crossover'.
                               The ACCUSED's 34 Song Archives 2xLP reveals early teen-punk roots, including
                               early demo tracks of vintage 'Splatter Rock' and the creeping metal-influence!
                               Humbling outtakes! Candid rehearsal sessions! Live 'bootlegs' and extensive
                               liner notes. Comes in a nice gatefold cover. Splatterheads beware!!!

Side A
War = Death
Father's Betrayal
Take My Time
Show No Mercy
Tomorrow Belongs to Me
Life's a Waste
Symptom ... (BLACK SABBATH)

Side B
In A Death Bed
Live Our Own Lives
Martha's Revenge
Bethany Home
No Reason
Running From the Police

Side C
Life's a Waste
No Accusations
Beast In the Cellar
Mechanized Death
She's the Killer
Sex Slave
Reagan's War Puppets
Martha Splatterhead
Slow Death

Side D
Wrong Side of the Grave
Our Way (GERMS)
Kill, Hurt, Destroy
The Right
Child These Days
Highway Star (DEEP PURPLE)
Like You
Fuckin' for Buck$
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